Greater performance. Lower Costs.

elefast is our web cache service that significantly accelerates your website or web application. 
As the result, your website is faster while the load of your server is lower. 

It also reduces traffic and the server handles easily even the sudden peaks that might otherwise mean its overload and crash.

Elefast increases websites speed on average more than 50%. With better user experience grows satisfaction of your clients and your conversion rates.

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Categories:SLONline PROJECTS

Released :01 Apr 2014

Link :http://elefast.com

Client :SLONline projects

Make your web fast with elefast!

No programming needed
You activate elefast by simple change of DNS in your domain settings. Without any intervention into you web site code.

Try it free!
You can test your web site on elefast without signing up. Testing page will be available for 7 days. Or you sign up and get elefast trial version for 30 days free.