Ženská zóna

Ženská zóna

Online magazine for independent, creative and courageous women.

Place where every woman can feel beautiful, loved and strong. We help to support big dreamers, romantic fairies, brave fighters and survivors on their way of life.

Our goals is to build a community that will create content all women could love and share.

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Released :01 Apr 2013

Link :http://www.zenskazona.sk

Client :SLONline projects

About Ženská zóna

Ženská zóna started as a magazine that should be opposite of all of those women's magazines full of expensive fashion, diets, commercials and magazines.

We count on intelligence and inner beauty of women. We started to build a community of authors that can write about their beloved themes such as child care, health, psychology, ecology, dance, music, sports, but also gardening, cooking or decorating.

We are not afraid of serious issues, but we know women needs beauty, fun, love and motivation too.