The word "SLON" means "elephant" in Slovak language.

It is quite difficult to find the company name. But, as usual, children are the best inspiration... We were inspired by little girl Vesna, who loves elephants.

Vesna and her love of these beautiful, sensitive and intelligent animals inspired us to choose the company name.

It is a combination of Slovak word "SLON" and the English word "line". In its core the keyword "online" is also hidden - but, believe it or not, it was just an coincidence.

The situation about elephant is very serious these days

Poachers kill one elephant each 15 minutes for their ivory. It is cruel, senseless, greedy trade. That's why we try to do something to save these wonderful, intelligent, sensitive and caring animals. We spread information, we fostered several elephant orphans, we support some organisations around the world.

Please, save the elephants with us!

Or adopt an elephant orphan at https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org