Works That Work

Works That Work

The brand new design magazine is full of inspiration and interesting creative ideas from all over the world. It brings many interesting articles, essays and interviews and, of course, incredible images.

Magazine is here to explore unexpected manifestations of creativity in the everyday world around us and seeking to demystify the design process. There are things that change people's reactions and natural behaviour. Sometimes it is small detail that changes everything.

The first issue includes contributions about urinals at Amsterdam airport (whose simplicity can save up to 80% in spillage and cleaning costs), the importance of beauty in design, article on dabbawallas — ingenious Mumbai’s homemade food distribution, and what role a translator has in the understanding of a literary author published in a foreign language (among other things).

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Released :01 Jan 2013

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Client :Typotheque

Works That Work is National Geographic of design

Below the surface

Well, the new design magazine with extraordinary content and clear elegant design was born.

Our work and mission on the project is its development and complete technical support and services. The design part of implementation took graphic designer Ondrej Job. We work with Ondrej on the most of the projects For Typotheque and Peter Biľak.

We created robust and stable platform to secure smooth operation and comfortable expansion of the project. Digital version of the magazine was optimized for all devices - computers, tablets, mobile phones...

Publishing system

To provide a comfortable publication process Work That Works magazine, we created our own publishing system. It is the heart of the project.

Editors can write their articles, upload images and using pre-defined labels, they give the articles particular form and shape it to layout - as they need.

Part of the system is workflow management. Its users - authors, editors and editor in chief - have set up their user rights due to their competence.

The system enables the automatic generation of e-books ePub and by linking with InDesign also export content directly to the designers of print version of the magazine.

We have also developed their own system for tagging, which helps automate the processing of the content.

Subscription ordering system

There are several types of subscriptions. Readers can order:

  • only hardcopy
  • only the digital version
  • both versions - print and digital version

As for the digital version, you can purchase the "trial" article and if you like it, you can upgrade your subscription to the subscription of the whole magazine. The system intelligently calculates the price subscription and the price you have already paid for the article is deducted.

Payment Gateway

The system is connected to the international payment system CardGate and PayPal. All payments realized through CardGate are running on the Works That Work website. PayPal is working as usual and redirects readers to its website.

Server configuration and operation

Server hosting is based on Amazon ELB, EC2, EBS, S3, CDN, SES, SNS, SQS.
Static content, such as images, css, and javascript files use CDN network for its distribution.
The data is stored on quick EBS disks and the system built with practically unlimited number of web servers.
Sending e-mail is provided via Amazon SES service.